Evelyn’s Nightgown

Have I mentioned I hate nightgowns? I don’t know why I insist on January being pajama month. I want all my dolls to HAVE pajamas but I don’t want them to wear them. I don’t want to spend money on such simple outfits, but I also don’t want to waste time and materials making them when I could buy them for cheaper than I make them. It’s all dumb.

Well I had cut and pinned this nightgown for Evelyn back when I sewed Cordelia’s nightgown. I didn’t finish it until now because I hated it. I still hate it. It’s ridiculous looking, which I can totally warrant in the storytelling (it was purchased too big so she’d grow into it and because her father wanted it warm so she wouldn’t freeze to death!). Maybe it’ll grow on me by January. New outfits often do.

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