Wigging out… again

More wig shuffling! At the same time I was learning about the wonders of eye-swaps, I did quite a bit of wig shuffling.

First, awesomely, I finally was able to buy a very good condition Josefina wig on eBay. I’ve been waiting for a Josefina wig since I started collecting again five years ago (I think? Definitely multiple years…) Josefina has been wearing what I think is a wig I bought from Monique, but it never quite suited her. The new wig hasn’t even shipped yet, but I ripped the temp one off Josefina and it joined rotation.

Here is Julie in several different wigs:

She’s in the mystery black wig I will identify soon, the Engelpuppen curly blonde pigtails, and a Bavas*international medium brown wig.

IMG_4497 The winner! Pleased to meet my Elizabeth! I’ve always wanted a brunette Elizabeth, as the illustrations showed when I was a little girl. I just need to figure out how to make her some pin-curls and then get started on her wardrobe so she’s not always borrowing from Felicity. OOOPS, sounds like I’m keeping this one, doesn’t it? 😡 She’s very “plain” -like Emily and Samantha and Molly- and yet sometimes I find the plain dolls totally steal my heart.


Marisol above is wearing the Monique Lulu wig. She’s in the wrong dress for the moment though; I’ve since put her in a 1950s dress and am considering making her the 1950s Cuban doll I’d hoped for. I’m a little less certain about this one, but going to give it some time.

Brown-eyed MG is wearing the Engelpuppen wig, Monique’s Lulu wig, and Julie’s wig. I actually think she looked pretty cute in all, and for a hot second I thought about leaving her in the brown wig to be a Ruthie! She could still end up there, but I’m not convinced. I wound up ordering an auburn Roxanne wig from Monique’s, because at the moment I’m thinking she might end up a Regency girl –I don’t have a straight Regency doll and when Caroline was announced I had been hoping for either dark or red hair. Because I have several fantasy dolls and Vivienne is Georgian, having a dedicated Regency doll had fallen by the wayside, but I suspect that is where she is going to end up! That means both of my MG molds will wear Regency dresses, but the mold is perfect for the time period. I’d also thought about making her Hermione Granger… we’ll see. Either way, this is the doll I had set out to build, so it’s unlikely she’ll be leaving.

IMG_4495 At first I felt bad to have pulled the short curled wig off of #26, because she looked really cute in it. But the more I looked at her in this wig, the more I liked it. Now I suspect she may keep this wig, and while I like her so much in that regency dress, I’m considering instead making her Afro-Seminole in either the 18th or 19th century. There’s a LOT of research to do to feel that out, but I’m really liking the possibility of having another Native American doll and exploring another section of black history. I don’t think this photo quite does it justice. Once I figure her out, I’ll take some more convincing ones. She sure sounds like she’s staying too, doesn’t she?

I’m a little overwhelmed by this influx of dolls and my collection as a whole. My guess is that once I get the MG wig, I may closet some of these dolls until I have time to flesh out wardrobes and then either sell or add to my collection family.  The combination of not getting to play as much lately because of the whole new motherhood thing AND finding I’m liking some of these dolls more just is a bit much at once.

But what about #7 and Sam you ask? My current thinking is that I may turn one into an Ariel doll and one into a crazy weird-colored-hair doll. My intent with both would be to sell. Of course my husband was immediately questioning why I would want to sell… partly to be supportive and partly because he says my collection of dolls makes him feel better about his collection of minis.

Anyway, what a great day it was Saturday to get to do so much doll stuff. Hurray for the baby napping three whole hours!



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