Monique Lulu Wig Arrived

One of the two wigs I ordered arrived this week! The second was actually due yesterday, and then it’s going to be a while before I can order any doll stuff as now it’s baby-focus time. But the first one arrived and of course I immediately had to try it on.

It’s a Monique “Lulu” wig. I’m thinking I might make the #26 a 1920s or 1930s doll, and wanted something reminiscent of #58’s wig (since I adore #58 and this would potentially be a cheaper way to get an alternate to her!)

My review of the wig is as follows: the curls are very, very soft and light, not in any way starchy the way Cecile’s or even Caroline’s are. There’s a slightly off-center part at the top, where the wig is not curled and I’m not quite sure how it would look if/when I took the pigtails out. The bangs are a bit frizzy but not overwhelmingly so and fit the style of the wig. The pigtails make the curls a bit thicker at the side but they were pretty responsive to me shuffling them around. I’m not sure how well it would recurl or if the curls will loosen over time. It fits quite perfectly on an AG head.

In terms of this being #26’s wig… maybe. I haven’t glued it down yet, since I won’t glue any wigs down until basically the last stage so I can keep playing around with them. The wig stays on adequately for an adult collector without the glue, though of course I’d need to do so before restyling.

They’re a bit softer hair texture than I’d necessarily intended for #26, but that’s not necessarily a deal-breaker. Right now she’s got the wig on and is siting on my desk and I consider my options with her. I’ll still try on a few more wigs and I need to figure out how to get that blasted purple stain off her face before I start sewing any wardrobe for her. I’m still fluctuating between my original 1920s idea or making her 1930s with Kit to share that oversized wardrobe. Hm…

In the meantime, here are #26, Marie-Grace, and Marisol with the Monique LuLu wig!

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