Cordelia’s Nightgown

Ok, so… this is the problem with trying to quickly make something and not having the patience to hunt for just the right fabric online and really think through a pattern beforehand. You end up with something that is pretty but… not very historically accurate.

On the flipside, if the dolls were all actually in period-accurate nightgowns, most of them would basically be wearing the same dress. The only real difference would be lace or no lace depending on class.

This preamble is to say, I made Cordelia’s nightgown today. I spent a great deal of time going back and forth on whether I like it, because ie never like a thing right when I make it. In the end… it’s fine. It’ll keep her warm, and it’s cute, and it’s something to wear. This is the month where historical accuracy is fudged the most for all dolls anyway.


I wanted flannel because Cordelia lives on Nantucket which is VERY cold in winter. She definitely still needs little slippers. The fleece is “sweatshirt fleece” but is quite thin for doll comfort. I’d been looking for something more the thickness of Kirsten’s nightgown but couldn’t find it at Jo-Ann’s.


Poor little cold feet! Although Cordelia does say in her story that she wishes she could never wear shoes… so maybe it’s on theme!

I used Kirsten’s nightgown pattern.The photos aren’t accurately showing the ribbon color, though. They make it look light blue when really it’s more mint green, a few shades off of Cordelia’s eyes.


Well, at least the girl’s got something warm to wear now. Only Evelyn left to make a nightgown for (probably starting on that tomorrow) and then everyone’s got something!

Oh! And I also added a new tag, which is “25in2016” to start tracking the doll things I make this year. Every year I try to participate in the “Make 50 doll things” challenge on the boards but then I never keep track of what I make. This year I’m happy at the lower challenge and WILL keep track!

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