New Years’ Spa Times Continue

Another day, another round of cleaning! I’d begun the project dolls yesterday. Here’s the condition round-up of each one and some notes on my progress! Today continued with major scrubdowns –I’m serious, these dolls were FILTHY. I also removed all but one wig, and used Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser to make major headway on spots/stains/pen marks. But seriously, I can’t get over how dirty these dolls were. Do parents never clean their children’s dolls?

IMG_0528#26 – Dirty and has some minor marks on arms and legs. Wig is ruined, cut and frizzed and not worth the effort. Cleaned, de-wigged, and removed a bunch of spots; the rest aren’t bothersome except she still has a bad purple mark on her cheek. I’ll have to figure that one out, but otherwise ready for wigs!

#7 – Yikes. Missing eyelashes on one eye. Smells bad. Hair is super dry and I shed no tears when removing it destroyed it. Dirty but only has minor marks on arms, more substantial marks on legs. Loose limbs. Facepaint badly faded. Worst of all, two weird little puncture marks under her wig! I only say worst because it’s creepy. Cleaned, spot treated, and de-wigged her; she was filthy! Ready to have her eyes popped out (eek!)


MG – Wig looks destroyed but I’ll wash it and we’ll see. Smells funky. Significant shine and paint marks on face, arms, and legs and chipped eyelid. Some stains on legs as well. Loose legs. Washed and removed spots which made a big difference, and utterly destroyed her wig removing it. She still has what looks like a gnarly bruise on her thigh, ha, and a white scuff on the end of her nose and, most infuriating of all, purple pen lines on her cheek I’m not being able to get off yet. That’ll be my next step for her before I even think about eye swapping and rewigging.

Samantha – Mostly just dirty and has dry hair. Only one significant stain mark on leg, rest are minor. Cleaning had a huge impact, and was able to get the majority of her spots off. She’s dewigged and ready for eye-swapping.


Julie – Dirty but in pretty good shape. Hair slightly dry but probably just needs washing. Slightly loose legs. Washing her completely changed her color, ha. I haven’t removed her wig yet because I’m not actually sure what I want to do with her yet and her wig is in decent shape. Instead I’m going to wash her hair and see if that resolves the dryness.

Marisol – Lots of marks on face, arms, and legs, both of the paint/ink and shine mark variety. Hair is extremely dry and I think cut as well. Not sure it’s salvageable but was going to be replaced anyway. Washing had a huge impact on her. Got a good chunk of the spots and scratches off, though some will need more work. She’s so pretty though, and a potential wig is on the way!


I’ll probably need to get more powerful stuff to try to get off some of the lingering facial marks. Husband has some flesh-tone paint I’m going to use for the girls who need eyelid repainting jobs. I’ll also probably need his help popping out eyes on #7, which will be a giant experiment and probably a giant mess. But we’ll see!

But check out below for some early wig playing just with the (terrible condition) wigs I already have.


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