New Years’ Eve Spa Day

Today kicked off what I thought would be a multi-day process of washing and changing all my dolls! Instead I did it in one afternoon, and even started in on some of the project dolls, although I didn’t get very far before we needed to prepare for company coming over. I took the opportunity though to take stock of everyone’s condition so I can be thinking about what to tackle next. Below are spa day report cards for everyone!

Kirsten – Washed and changed. Has a purple mark on arm and sometime soon I will probably want to wet and curl her hair, though it curled up pretty nicely even after being in braids for two months. Eventually her eyebrows may want darkening.

Kit – Washed and changed, and got rid of some spots on legs with Magic Eraser. All four limbs need restringing.

Felicity – Washed and changed. Hair washed and conditioned and is so much softer now!

Kanani – Washed and changed, hair washed and conditioned and recurled. She’s drying with her curls pinned right now, but is otherwise in great shape.


Ellen – Washed and changed and cleaned off some spots with Magic Eraser. She has quite a bit of work needed: eyelids need painting, lips could use a touch-up, still a few spots remaining, and her legs are pretty loose.

Kaya – Washed and changed. Perfect condition otherwise!

Ivy – Washed and changed. Perfect otherwise!

Rebecca – Changed, since she’s brand new. Perfect condition.


Samantha – Washed and changed, some spots removed on legs and I did a little bit of work on the staining on her legs from her black tights but it didn’t seem to do much. Her legs are a little bit loose but not too bad. Her body is pretty stained if I ever get around to washing bodies.

Nellie – Washed and changed. She has pretty loose legs too, and her legs are also stained by the same frigging tights. I have three different black tights I put them in though and I’m not sure which pair did it! I’m 99% sure it’s the one that came with Samantha’s new Holiday dress. 😦

Molly – Washed and changed. Great condition!

Emily – Washed and changed. Perfect condition!

Delaney – Washed and changed. Perfect condition!

Tinuviel – Washed and changed. Perfect condition!

Josefina – Washed and changed. Legs are slightly loose but not bad.

Addy – Washed and changed. Perfect condition!


Vivienne – Washed and changed. Perfect condition!

Peter – Washed and changed. Discovered his right hand has some subtle pink nailpolish in the nail beds. Peter came from a board member via eBay several years ago, and I’m sort of surprised she’d have let that slip, but then I didn’t notice for 3 years either so… I’m going to experiment with eye swapping and painting with a project doll and if I like it, I’d like to paint his eyes.

Cordelia & Evelyn – Neither one got washed or changed because neither girl has a nightgown. Oops! Probably doing a JoAnn’s run tomorrow to remedy.

As you can see, quite the ordeal! I mainly used baking soda and warm water for washing, and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on tough spots. I don’t think it’s quite the miracle worker people on the board said it was, but it did successfully remove a lot of spots baking soda didn’t, so I’m glad to have it.



All of that took at least four hours, maybe another half hour on top of that –I didn’t do a good job of keeping count. But I wasn’t quite done, so I started a little on the project dolls, but I’ll get to them more tomorrow!



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