Christmas Happened

You’ll be able to tell my heart wasn’t really into taking Christmas photos this year. Maybe in the next few days I’ll get around to do individual shots, but for now I just did a group shot and it’s not even in front of my tree because this was after my long day getting home and the thought of lugging TWENTY dolls across the house to my tree was too much. But I also didn’t want to just totally flake on getting a group shot of everyone in their Christmas stuff (except Rebecca, who is too new to have a nice Hannukah dress to wear in December yet.)

Some of these photos have flash and some don’t. I’m still experimenting with my new camera and my new doll set up in a place with different lighting than years before.


Peter, Delaney, Josefina, and Rebecca hanging out in Kit’s attic with Meatloaf and Gracie. Yes, that’s the meanest Gracie in the world. I have my box and receipt to exchange her next time I go in because she looks evil.


Evelyn, Tinuviel, Nellie, and Samantha chit-chatting in Samantha’s room. Sam is wearing the “new” Christmas dress i made for her. I’m still not sold on it. I dunno.


Ellen, Cordelia, Kanani, Addy, Felicity, and Vivienne in the parlor. Looks like Ellen is about to play some songs on the fiddle. Maybe Vivienne and Felicity were singing? Felicity should be careful that fireplace right behind her!


Kirsten, Molly, Kit, Ivy, and Emily in the bedecked kitchen. I love this room at Christmas time. I ran out of time to really add anything this year. :/


Full group shot! Not the greatest spacing and there’s messy hair galore. Sigh. Maybe I’ll feel more motivated once everyone has their pajamas on. I could do a cozy “in bed” photo… my husband would be thrilled! Although a couple people still need PJs… maybe if I can get those made quickly enough…IMG_0513

A more mood-lighting one with their little tree lit-up. Doesn’t work as well when so few of them fit into the room, haha! I think next year I’ll be back to doing the Christmas photo in front of the tree.

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