What Have I Done?

Between work stress, pregnancy, and my grandfather’s failing health (I didn’t write it, but he did pass away on Dec. 22nd), it’s been a stressful couple of months for me. I’ve discovered that I tend to handle big stress really well except that there’s always some little crazy bit that emerges as my outlet. And apparently this time that crazy bit was getting a bunch of poor beat-up dolls that need some TLC.

I posted before about the frustration of holiday package delivery. But now all the dolls have arrived and all I can say is: Holy geez what have I gotten myself into?


There are six dolls PLUS Cullen, who I think I also mentioned I realized the other day I actually never cleaned up. Poor boy has nail polish, ink stains, shine marks, and his wig isn’t actually glued on. That’s seven dolls in various states of need. If that doesn’t keep me more than busy until the baby gets here (because in between working full time, baby classes, preparing our home for the baby, and being pregnant I have SO much free time and energy) then I don’t know what will.

Some of these girls may become dolls that I fall in love with so much that I’ll clean them up and stick them in the closet for future presents when I need one someday. Others I’ll sell, or a few may even be total experiment dolls. Who knows! But I’m as excited as Dr. Frankenstein here over getting to work on them.

Of course I’ll have more details run-downs on their condition and the work I do on them. But for now, here are the quick looks.


^First up, the worst shape girl. She’s missing eyelashes, is scuffed to high-heaven, her hair is a mess. I’m not sure if she’s an old Molly or an old Girl of Today (maybe #7?) I’ll do some comparisons as I go to see if I can figure it out, but whoever she was, she’ll be somebody new. The eyelashes are going to be a new thing… I’m thinking about maybe painting her eyes too. Why not?


Oh dear, Marie-Grace. This girl is in worse condition than the eBay photos really revealed. Face is covered in scuff and shine marks. There’s black stuff on her eyes and feet. Her hair is a rat’s nest. She smells kinda funny. But she can be saved! She is likely going to end up brown-eyed… but I haven’t decided the rest yet. She may be a closet doll; I’ve wanted a custom MG for a while.


Marisol isn’t in terrible condition. I mean, she’s filthy and has a bunch of shine marks and her wig is really dry (I’ll likely rewig her but see what I can do with the wig on its own). I’ll be honest, she will PROBABLY be a closet doll. Unsure yet if I’ll make her Josefina’s sister Clara or someone else entirely… she’s such a pretty doll!IMG_1842

I accidentally won this Mattel Samantha on eBay a while ago. I’d made an offer on a doll, found a better deal, but then my offer got accepted. Her hair is dry and she’s pretty dirty, and no face paint to speak of, but definitely not the most challenging of the bunch. IMG_1841

Julie is one of those dolls I’ve always wanted to dislike more than I actually do. I love the brown eyes-blonde hair combo. And in opening this doll, I liked her more than I wanted to, as I’d feared. Her wig is a bit dry, though not horrifically so. I’ve considered turning her into an Elizabeth for Felicity. She may be a closet doll. I wouldn’t keep her 1970s Julie though; I’ve even debated whether to keep my Ivy 1970s. She’s so cute though and for some reason, I find the Josefina-mold dolls are a bit heavier? It just feels so comforting holding them.


#26! Excuse me while I spin in circles. I’ve wanted a #26 for ages. Granted, not a TLC one necessarily, but I jumped at the change of grabbing this girl. She needs some clean up and doctoring, and her hair is probably not salvageable, but that’s ok! I had planned originally on making a 1950s doll out of a #26 when I got her, but now that so much of the next BF doll has leaked, I’m thinking this girl may end up a 1920s closet doll. 🙂 Although #58 would also be great for that so… I’ll have to see what strikes me.

Anyway, I’m so excited to get to work. I’ll be ripping off wigs and cleaning skin this week, and then spend some time pricing out wigs. I won’t be able to just buy all the wigs I want at once but that’s ok. These aren’t supposed to be all done in a weekend, just a fun on-going project for me. I think for each one I’ll figure out the name, background, and make an outfit, and then decide if I keep/sell/gift.


I’ll end up trying some things I haven’t ever done before, too. Like restringing! Body washing! EYE SWAPPING MAYBE? I admit, I’m scared.

Anyway, more to come, certainly more pictures as I get started.


One thought on “What Have I Done?

  1. What exciting prospects! My condolences on your loss.
    I look forward to seeing the restoration process. Do you follow Jennifer st We’re All Mini Mad Here? She has done some interesting work on AGs

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