Rebecca Joins the Family

Finally! I say finally because I have wanted Rebecca since I began collecting again. She is a truly beautiful doll, and the only part I’ve ever been torn on was whether I’d keep her 1914 Russian Jewish or put her in a different time period because she looks perfect in everything. But now that I have her, I have to keep her true to herself. I love her character and story and her beautiful Jewish and Russian traditions too much.


I’ll get better pictures of her when the sun comes up because these are just crappy phone pictures that don’t do her justice, but wanted to take my brag moment that my husband got me such a beautiful doll. And he tricked me, because I thought he was going to get me Sorah (#30)! My mom made it even better by getting me Rebecca’s accessories, her old red meet dress, and her dress up costume (one of my favorite outfits AG has ever made). I had bought Rebecca’s PJs for myself a couple of months ago because I found them SO cheap on eBay, and then lo and behold, my Clandestine Coconut/secret santa from the message board gave me Rebecca’s blue robe and slippers. It was all so perfect! (I’ll also mention that Mom got me Kaya’s saddle as well!)

Ok, so now the dramatic bit. Christmas morning I opened Rebecca. Her hair was a mess out of the hair net and very thing. I looked on the message boards for reviews and found that she just has a thin wig, although this looked REALLY thin. But worse than that, her right eye was smaller and sort of punched in, so that eye looked down and to the right. I tried to unsee it and couldn’t. I wish I’d thought to grab a picture..

Fast forward to Tuesday, when we drove back to Dallas from Longview, where we’d stayed for my Grandfather’s funeral (it was a difficult Christmas, but I’ll only talk about the doll parts here…) My husband and I found the American Girl store at the Galleria so I could exchange her. There were only about a dozen Rebecca’s on display –one of them had no hair net and wrapping paper still attached to the box! Oops! But to my frustration, they ALL were showing the same eye issue!

Now, I’m not an absolute stickler for perfection. Many of my dolls have quirks, and that’s totally ok. But this was one I just couldn’t live with. So I continued to dig and finally found just the right Rebecca. She still has a bit of an eye issue, but I like her chipmunky face so much and it’s not as bad, so I’m in love with her.


And even right out of the box, her hair was nicer than the other doll’s! Maybe it’s not thicker but it certainly looks thicker. I absolutely love her and am so glad I have a husband who supports my hobby to the point he’s willing to walk through the mall carrying the doll bag and support me as I dog through doll boxes looking for just the right one.


Hair still needs some attention but wheeee, I love her so much!


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