As it’s being a pretty difficult holiday season, I think it’s worth taking a moment to say how grateful I am for my husband, who is not only a reliable, loving, supportive friend and partner through all the difficulties right now, but is also willing to sit WITHOUT COMMENT on this couch with me.


You can’t see him, but he’s sitting on the other end of the couch. No complaints, only a bit of teasing when every time he looked there was another doll added to the couch. When I told him “I will bury myself in dolls if it will make me feel better?” he asked “is it working?” Only a little. But sometimes a little is all you need. He makes a habit of asking who is on the couch if he doesn’t recognize them –most of them he knows, but sometimes it throws him when I change their hair and clothing.

Anyway, it’s a silly thing, but I’ve just learned in the past few years how many adult collectors have spouses who don’t at all support their hobby. Frank not only has never complained or looked askance as my out of control, quirky hobby, he’s been supportive and encouraging of it. He’s hunted me down doll stuff on eBay as gifts. He’s read snippets of the books over my shoulder. He listens when I just have to tell him the latest news.

It’s hard enough finding a spouse who is both loving and supportive in difficult times, but one who is also those things for silly, quirky things is rare indeed. I’m very lucky to have him and am just recently reminded more than ever of it.

(And don’t worry, Delaney did not fall off the couch though this photo certainly looks like she’s trying!)


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