Hilamshiral Progress

After letting myself be a bit overwhelmed by this project and putting it aside to work on other things, I’m back to working on Cullen’s Hilamshiral outfit. I’ve decided that for any project doll to join the ranks, they need at least a basic starter set with several outfits, and so far Cullen has not even one complete outfit. But I’m getting there!

Basic construction of the jacket is complete, now I just need to add the trim, buttons, epaulets, sash, and belt. Still plenty to do!

I used Thimbles & Acorns’ Civil War Uniform pattern with modification. The slant-cut front I made up myself, and though it didn’t turn out quite perfect, I’m proud of the very first pattern piece I’ve completely modified on my own. I also used an alternate neckband, though I made the mistake of not checking a picture between cutting it out and sewing it on. In the game, the neckband actually loops all the way around, whereas this one is open in the front. Oops. I spent some time caring, then stopped. 🙂


The jacket is fully lined though one thing I messed up on the slat-cut side is making one side overly large so that there’d be a band on the inside. The peekage doesn’t bother me that much though.

I never seem to NOT have trouble with Thimbles & Acorns patterns. They often cite notches that are not present in the patterns, or fudge several steps together in a way that is sort of confusing. I don’t find their illustrations very helpful either; they’re sometimes more confusing than just reading the instructions. With this jacket, I have NO clue if I actually set the lining in the way the pattern instructed. It was so entirely confusing I wound up just setting the pattern aside and puzzling out out myself. It’s constructed in a way I’ve never put a lined jacket together before. The end product is nice, but who knows if this was the right way or me just figuring it out.


Clearly the entire bottom is whip-stitched, but the slightly unfinished look is totally fine for this. Now I just need to add the outside fixings and the jacket is done YAY.


(These are not the right pants or boots for his outfit, I just took him out of the Christmas top he was wearing to be trying things on as I sewed. I also recently realized that I never actually cleaned him up, so once I get to that I’ll get the fingernail polish off and tackle that cowlick!)


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