One By One

One by one the project dolls arrive…

Did I mention I used my bonus to buy a handful of project dolls? Husband was such a trooper when he sincerely asked if I was going to fix them up and keep them and then sounded so confused why that would not be my plan. Some I may keep, locked in the closet until a day I need a new doll pick-me-up. Some I will sell be to earn some money back and because I’m not wanting them in my collection.

I’m not saying this splurge has anything to do with the stress in my life, but I’m also not saying it doesn’t…

Six. I have six project dolls. Well, seven if you count Cullen, who I just realized yesterday I never actually cleaned up –he’s got nail polish and an unglued wig and who knows how much grime. And another of the lot is one I “accidentally” won a while ago and haven’t had any luck selling.

I’ll post a picture and do a run-through of their conditions once the final three arrive. But grrrr to ordering things at Christmas! All three dolls (two orders; one has two dolls) were supposed to arrive yesterday. One has tracking that hasn’t been updated in 4 days. The other finally updated today to say it arrived in Roxbury from NY in 4 days (that’s nuts), but then updated again to say it got sent to a new post office because the zip code is wrong or something. Which doesn’t make sense if the seller printed shipping from ebay.

So I’m sitting here neurotically refreshing tracking like that will somehow make the dolls arrive here at night. :/

Ok, I lied, here’s the rundown of dolls on the hospital list: Cullen (I believe he was a Sam), another Mattel Sam, Julie (uh, way cuter than I expected), Marisol (EEK), #26 (EEK), Marie-Grace (holy cow were these expensive this holiday season), and I think one of the old not!Sam MyAGs (blue eyes, doesn’t look like Molly’s grey.)

I’m so excited to get started… if I can just make it through the next awful week, I’ll come back to a week of sewing and resting and fixing up dolls.

(My grandpa is dying. That’s the awful thing I’m trying to distract myself from. It’s going to be a rough holiday. Even writing the words doesn’t quite make sense yet.)


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