So, I think I’ve mentioned this before, the dolls I create custom actually have stories behind them. Granted, sometimes more fleshed out than others. A couple years ago I made good progress on Ellen’s story. Tinuviel, Ellen, and Delaney have a lot of writing done on their grown-up stories, though none on the childhood stories. Now I’m itching to work on some Cordelia. So I think I’ll dump writing snippets here in this blog as well. Sometimes it’ll be a disjointed chapter, sometimes just a blurb, sometimes maybe a sequential chapter. But why not? It’s a component of my doll collecting –the writing, the research– and thus has a place in my blog.

I will warn, however, they are not finished pieces. Even the research is sometimes not finished yet, so they’ll probably be rife with historical inaccuracies. It’s just for fun, just for flexing those writing muscles as I recover from post-college writing doldrums. So read if you’d like, but don’t judge too harshly!

I think I’ll post some old Ellen writing today, and we’ll see how frequently any writing actually gets uploaded.

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