Delaney’s Holiday Dress

Delaney may not live in a time (world…) that celebrates Christmas, but they do still celebrate “Saturnalia,” similar to winter solstice. And regardless, she needs a festive dress to wear in the month of December in my house.

I actually comandeered this fabric from what was going to be Cordelia’s dress, deciding I’d rather Cordelia wear purple and Delaney wear red. I knew I wanted a fancy dress for Delaney, as this would be a special gift for her in her not-well-off family, and that because she lives in such a cold place, she’d need warm undergarments and a coat.


Well… the coat and dress are finished. No undergarments yet. I’ll need to make the girl some socks, woolen underthings, including long sleeves to wear under this dress. But at least she’s got a warm coat and a muff! I had fiberfill but didn’t put elastic in the ends like the pattern required because I didn’t feel like it and didn’t think it was necessary. 🙂


I used a Simplicity pattern to make the coat. I was a bit worried it would turn out a weird size. I’m not crazy that the hood is so pointy but it’s also kind of cute. I lined it with rose-patterned satin (I think?) that I’ve used before and is a pain in the butt because it threads so bad, but the result is very pretty. And the fit isn’t so bad!


The dress itself uses the 1850s Promenade pattern from Dollhouse Designs. I hadn’t wanted to re-use a pattern, but I’m a sucker for those puffed tiered sleeves. I spent a GREAT deal of time debating fabric and lace and pattern for Delaney’s dress, and still wasn’t quite sure about it until I finally just made the call and started sewing.


Turns out, I’m quite happy with it! In addition to the woolen underthings the poor girl needs (and boots instead of silly slippers), I will probably hunt down one more pearl button when I’m at JoAnn’s next. I didn’t think the space would bother me but I think it does…


But now Delaney is festive at least, and ready for mulled cider and window shopping at the winter market! Look how pretty she is!! The lighting in these photos is awful (my house is just not good for photo lighting) but boy does the fabric make her blue eyes pop!


(Tagging as 1850s even though that’s not Delaney’s time period, since the dress is an 1850s pattern.)

Now I’m working on Cordelia’s Christmas dress which might be the death of me… but then everyone will have a holiday dress!


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