Sewing Prep & a Vivienne Dress

I think I mentioned before, I collected so much fabric back in the summer, and then had to take time off from sewing as I took a night class, work got busy, and I found myself chronically pregnancy-tired. But now I’m back at it, and so that meant last weekend going through every doll’s outfit inventory to see what they’re missing, and then going through all my fabric and actually matching a good chunk of it to patterns. Step one!

Step two was then cutting out some of those patterns and figuring out what bits and bobs I need to finish them. Complicating this was the fact that since the fall got away from me, several dolls don’t have holiday outfits or pajamas, which is what they wear in December or January. So while figuring out what to do with the fabric I have, I also ordered a bit of new stuff (for shame!) online, as well as ribbons and such to finish up. Those new things are in the mail…

But in the meantime, I spent my first free Saturday in months cutting out… I think six or seven patterns. I like cutting out patterns in bulk so I’m not dragging my pattern board out all the time, and because then it means I’m ready to hit the ground running with patterns. The drawback is that you don’t end up feeling like you finished anything because all you did was start a bunch of stuff.

I managed to carve out enough time to get a pretty quick dress done using this wonderful polka dot fabric I found and thought would be perfect for Vivienne. The polka dots are the slightest bit metallic… so not 100% historically accurate, whatever. But the cream color is gorgeous with her skin tone.


I just used Josefina’s Christmas dress pattern, a nice, easy pattern for making what are simple but lovely regency dresses. I had thought about adding a ruffle along the bottom for now I actually think I prefer it without, since it’s just supposed to be a sweet little playdress.


I had hoped to find brown velvet ribbon in my stock, but did not. However, this green ribbon I love, and it goes perfectly with the dress, I think. And it’s gorgeous with Vivienne’s eyes! Alas, I do not have the right color thread, so wound up just hand-stitching the ribbon with white. It’s visible, but doesn’t actually bother me much at all.


And look, my dolls are probably always going to have slightly wrinkled, creased clothing until I get an ironing board and a house where I don’t have to go into the basement to iron. Uh well.

I’m thrilled with the result. Simple but pretty and looks like something a little girl could actually around a bit more in than some of her other fancier dresses.


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