Kanani’s Carnival Dress

I wasn’t kidding that I’ve been on a Kanani sewing roll lately! I think it’s a nice balance to the mostly historic sewing that I do for the other dolls. Not to mention an opportunity to work through all the fabrics I’ve had for years now that are too modern for the other dolls. And..well…I’ve got a lot of those. Oops. 🙂

The pattern I used this time around was the Melody Valerie Couture “Schoolgirl Dress” pattern, which I believe may have been a Freebie Friday at one point. Their example uses striped fabric, which I loved the idea of, and I had this super bright striped cotton left over from when I made some accent pillows for my couch… five years ago. (I don’t even have those pillow cases anymore…)


Ok, so full disclosure, I cut some corners. I did not do the internal arm band to hide those seams. I did not stitch the lining over the skirt seam. And I used snaps instead of a hidden zipper (largely because zippers are expensive and a bit beyond me doll sewing budget!) Largely for laziness.


I kept expecting this pattern to get harder than it actually wound up being! Even without the steps I skipped, it made a “darling little dress,” as my Grandma would say. I’d say Kanani looks completely ready for Topsfield Fair… or whatever autumn carnival they might have in Hawaii… Really I’d put her in flats, but she doesn’t have the right color… time for shoe shopping! 🙂


I think this is the first time I’ve really committed to a blind hem –on the sleeves– and it actually turned out well. Now I wish I’d blind-hemmed the skirt instead of top-stitching like the pattern said. Uh well. I also really love the alternate style of bow!


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