Kanani’s Super Cool Kid School Outfit

I’ve mentioned before I got Pixie Faire’s CDs of basic patterns. And they are AWESOME for eating up spare fabric by making cute mix and match pieces. Because my dolls are mostly historic or fantasy, I don’t get the opportunity to make pants much, though I’m getting a bit more practice with my two boy dolls. But Kanani is another opportunity! Bonus points when pants have REAL pockets!


I LOVE this purple and cream calico. Cordelia and Kirsten both have dresses out of it and I don’t even care that I keep repeating it, because I love it so much. Purple and cream calico for everyone! (Actually I may be out now. also I need to get way better at anticipating how much fabric to buy…)


Anyway, I made the purple and cream pants a couple months ago, and they seemed fitting for Kanani’s school outfit, especially with Saige’s brown boots. But poor girl needed a shirt to go with it! So I cut up an old tanktop of mine and made her a slouchy maroon long-sleeved shirt (I know, I know, weather is great in Hawaii, but we live in Boston and it’s in the 40s!)


The tank top had lace along the necklace that I ripped off and repurposed for the bottom of the shirt which kept it from being too plain. And I just barely managed to cut out all the pieces uses the professional hem of the tank top YAY.


I’m not crazy about how bunch the velcro is in the back. Eventually I will probably rip the velcro off and make button holes but Kanani needed a school outfit like yesterday, so it’ll do for this year! And I’ll be honest, I think it’s wicked cute. I’d wear it!


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