Kanani’s Purple Dress

I’ve done a lot of sewing for Kanani this past weekend. I’m not sure why, as Kanani is not the most clothes-desperate of my dolls. But this particular dress I actually made back in August and only got around to photographing now.


The pattern is one of Pixie Faire’s basic dress patterns that I got on a CD when I signed up for their Design Academy (and then never actually took the class… oops…) Very nice for a basic dress. Usually I’d claim it was too basic to be worth my time since Kanani is only going to have a limited wardrobe, but it worked out perfectly for this fabric!

The purple fabric was actually, many moons ago, a beautiful transparent purple shirt. That I bought thinking “someday I will be small enough to fit this.” And then after it lived in my closet for years I finally accepted that no, I will not, it is just not my size.

So I chopped it up to make a dress! Underneath the sheer fabric is a simple white lining. Cutting the overlay was actually pretty tricky, to be able to get all the pattern pieces cut out of the shirt-shaped fabric. I just barely managed it! But I did have enough to make a sash that ties around the waist and a hair ribbon.


I also stitched the transparent fabric to the white lining before doing any construction. The fabric is exactly that slippery, super fine fabric that is an absolute nightmare to sew with. It was much easier to struggle only while stitching it to the lining and then be home free!

Anyway, i’m quite pleased with how the dress turned out. Simple, but a good playdress for an active girl like Kanani, and I love the purple with her coloring!


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