Peter’s New Suit

I am always ecstatic when a new boy’s pattern is released because I have two boy dolls now and boy clothing is hard to come by. I recently got Kindred Threads Boys Knicker Suit pattern, which is just the thing I’d been looking for Peter.

Personally, I often have trouble with Kindred Thread patterns. The notches never quite make sense to me (there are often notches where I don’t need them and no notches where I would put them), and I get tripped up when patterns jam multiple steps into a single step, and when they don’t consistently clarify right sides/wrong sides together. I certainly don’t think they’re bad patterns at all, just definitely written for people who are a bit more comfortable sewing than I am.

That won’t stop me though! It just means I’ve learned they’re very much cutting-my-teeth-patterns, and that I need to expect to sew it through entirely one time pretty shoddily before I understand it all and can do a worthwhile one.

So I present to you, the first shoddy attempt! I used this green-grey linen fabric that I have like 3 yards of because I bought it before I knew what I was doing or how much fabric I’d ever need. I’m not crazy about it, and HATE how badly it frays. Likely it will all go to the dump in my next fabric purge. 🙂

IMG_9844I did make a few adjustments as I went though. The fabric was being puffy in a way I didn’t like, so I wound up top-stitching the whole vest. I also stitched the lapels open to hold them where I wanted them. But I did mess up the lining to collar, which is why you can obnoxiously see an unfinished seam. And for some super strange reason, the sleeves came out too short even though I didn’t use a large seam allowance. Weird!

IMG_9843But I’m still thrilled for Peter to have a full outfit (even if I need to get him little black shoes for it, not brown!) I’ll definitely use the pattern again, now that I know what I’m doing. Probably either a charcoal grey version or maybe a brown version…


Oh bot the most exciting part of all is that I learned how to make buttonholes on this project! The good news is that I can now reliably make buttonholes and they aren’t that hard! The bad news is I managed to mess up the spacing of the buttons on the white shirt, even though I was so carefully measuring. Uh well! Like I said, this was my trial outfit, and it didn’t turn out as garbage-y as I’d feared!

I actually have made a dress and pants for Kanani recently too, but by the time I finished sewing this and photographing the dolls and changing them all, I was wiped, so photos for another day!

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