Summertime Temps

We’re finally having some uncomfortably hot days in Boston, so it was time to get most of the dolls in their bathing suits (and the rest at least into new outfits). No group shot because this was at the end of doll-spa-day and I’m wiped, but here are some candids!

Up above, we have Emily, Molly, Kanani and Ivy hanging out at the beach!

Kirsten is so happy to have all ten fingers for her fishing trip!

IMG_0370Cordelia & Felicity keeping it cool in their summer linens.

IMG_0378 Felicity, Cordelia, and Vivienne out for a stroll while Kirsten does the actual work to make sure there will be dinner tonight!

IMG_0379Kit and Peter… and Ellen who may not be wearing summer colors but IS wearing shorter sleeves than she usually gets away with! I just realized Meatloaf isn’t with Peter, oops!

IMG_0380 Samantha, Nellie, and Addy having a nice little girls party in Sam’s room.

IMG_0381Ok, I almost can’t handle how much I love Kaya’s new outfit, and Josefina’s summer outfit remains one of my favorite AG has ever made. This shelf is high above my head, hence the sort of weird angle… oops!

Not pictured… Tinuviel, Evelyn, Delaney. OOPS.


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