Checking Off A Few Doll Chores

I had started a few projects back in the winter that were then left hanging, and recently I started a few NEW projects as I’ve been adjusting my doll collection to what I want it to be now, and that means the bodies are piling up. Doll bodies, I mean.

IMG_0358In Exhibit A above you’ll see three dolls.

  • The headless white body was one I grabbed over the winter so that I can get Kirsten a hand. Alas, my plan backfired a bit.There are ink stains on the hands and feet I’m not sure I can get out, so I’m doing a bit of a frankendoll and shipping her off to the hospital to get some work.
  • The blonde doll is a doll I bought to replace my Peter doll with a Cullen doll.
  • The Samantha doll was a doll I got when I did that stupid eBay thing where you make a lowball offer, don’t think you’ll get it, win another doll at a steal, and then get the lowball offer. OOPS.

IMG_0359Everyone was filthy, so I spent half an hour doing some good scrubbing with baking soda to get all that little girl grime off. Seriously, it’s horrifying but not surprising how dirty kids toys get.

IMG_0363You know, just ladies chilling.

IMG_0362One of my dogs is allowed in the room with me while I do doll stuff because ONE of my dogs does not harass my doll things and steal them and chew them up. (Watson so far has done in Emily’s holiday bow, Samantha’s bedroom slippers, and a pair of MyAG slippers… and I’m pretty sure something else I’m forgetting.)


Here we see what used to be Molly, back in the day. Except now she has my old Kirsten’s body, and is off to the doll hospital for new eyes and a new arm. Meanwhile I’m going to try to get the ink stains off of the body Kirsten now inhabits, and then decide who keeps which body and who gets sold.

IMG_0361Kirsten moving on up since I got her. New hair, all ten fingers, no paint in her hair or skin, refreshed face paint, WHAT A LIFE.

As if doll spa day wasn’t enough, I did that thing where I bite off more than I can chew and decided it was as good a time as any to change everyone (photos in next blog) and catalog every. single. doll clothing and accessory. I own. And determine what I’m going to sell.

IMG_0367In the process, I discovered Samantha’s tights gave Nellie black lines that won’t come off! She had them on for like two weeks. So that’s not great.

I also got the blonde wig on the Cullen doll I wanted to make. However, this presents a dilemma, because this doll is definitely not Peter, or a new Peter, so now I have to decide… do I keep Peter? Even though I’d planned to sell him as a “trade” for Cullen? Every time I mention it, my husband, who bought me Peter, tells me, “Don’t sell him” but also said he wouldn’t be sad if I did, so… not sure. I’ll think on it. I did at least determine that if Peter stays, he stays as Kit’s 1930s friend and does not have ANY modern clothes or other time periods. I think that’s part of what’s made it hard for me to really solidify him.

IMG_0384In the meantime, I think I like the wig a lot of Cullen. I found another one I like on Ruby Red Galleria, but this one was SO much cheaper, so I think I may just get used to this one and see how I feel once Cullen actually has an outfit… assuming I actually go through with making Cullen… How nerdy can I actually get before I self-combust?!

Hahahaha, I also planned to photograph and list all the accessories/outfits/items I’m going to sell hahahaha Nope. The above took me 4 hours and 10 minutes and now I’m exhausted. Tomorrow maybe! It’ll be good to get some money back from all these things I’ve been sitting on needing to sell for a while.


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