Simplicity Sewing

So, I picked up Simplicity Pattern 1392 a while ago because a woman on AGPlaythings made it and it looked exactly like the stuff I wanted for Tinuviel. I’d been collecting scraps of various fabrics to someday use, and then when I was getting Delaney, I knew the time had come.

I’ll preface this by saying, I hate pattern paper. It makes me feel like a clumsy child learning to use scissors and paper for the first time. But, in terms of actually making vests and corsets…

I love this pattern. The vests and corset and headband have come out perfectly. The skirt I made for Tinvuiel…  the ribbons are a bit further to the side than I’d like, but that’s sort of my own fault for not checking more closely. Everything is pretty quick to make, doesn’t use much fabric, and the mix-and-match nature of it is fun. I’m still far from finished  with sewing various pieces for Tinuviel, Evelyn, and Delaney to play around with, but here’s what I have so far.

Delaney’s outfit is the vest with ruffle, and the long chemise with short sleeves. The chemise is a bit of a pain to get on because it’s pretty tubular and tight, but it looks great once on. The vest is lined and gorgeous. The skirt was actually made using Josefina’s skirt pattern, but shhh.

IMG_0302Blue will be a common color for Delaney because she looks stunning in it. It’s actually going to be harder to remember to make clothing for her that’s NOT blue, but I’m making a red corset for her next.

IMG_0304Love that little collar! Such a nice addition.

Now for several views of Tinuviel’s new outfit.

IMG_0306YES! In terms in yellow and green and off-white being stunning colors for her, I’m in love. I made the puffed sleeves a bit longer, and it works better with the linen fabric.

IMG_0311And another view with the headband this time. You can see what I mean about the ribbons being on her hips insitead of a bit to the front. I may eventually be annoyed enough about it to do something, but for now, meh. She certianly doesn’t care.

IMG_0312The corset laces in the back ADORABLY. I want to get different ribbon but had to sue what I had on hand at the time. I’ll probably go with yellow once I get it.


And did I mention the corset is reversible? I was way too lazy to untie and reverse it for the photo. I don’t imagine Tinuviel will wear much pink, but if she doesn’t want it, I’m sure Evelyn or Delaney will be happy to wear the pink side of it. 🙂 And I still think that pink fabric (which is some of my favorite fabric; Nellie has a dress with it and… maybe someone else?) will look great with the green.

So, A++ on the pattern. Can’t wait to keep playing around with it. The pieces are quick to make and while at first I was intimidated by trying to think of so many combinations with so many different fabrics, I’m finding it was easier to just start with a green skirt and blue skirt and start building out from there. Ok, this vest looks good with the blue. This color would also make a good top. Next up will be the red corset for Delaney, and then probably an inverted outfit for Evelyn that has a patterned skirt and a plain jacket. The possibilities are endless!

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