The Trio

Here’s where things get long and exciting. I’ll start from the beginning.

Tinuviel is a character from a fantasy story that started in my head years ago and I finally started writing this winter. It’s just in good fun. It makes me happy. It’s only for me, not something I”m sharing or trying to get published or anything. I got Saige when she came out to be my Tinuviel doll, even though I had to just shrug away that Tinuviel has green eyes and Saige had blue. Someday I’d change them.

Then, as I was planning a trip to American Girl last week with a friend, I decided that instead of getting Caroline just because she was retiring I’d get #55 instead (also yes, you may stop and laugh that I got them BOTH oops.) I’ve wanted #55 since I started collecting. And she would be perfect as Delaney, another character from that story I’ve been writing. Except then I realized that wait a moment, she has green eyes, whereas in the story Delaney has blue eyes… and Tinuviel has green eyes while Saige as blue eyes…

You can see where I’m going with this. So I bought #55 and was smitten and got her home and then spent maybe 5 minutes debating whether I ought to rewig them. I’d made Delaney’s first dress the night before. I shouldn’t do anything drastic to a brand new doll…

I did it anyway. And what followed was one of the most stressful things I’ve ever done with dolls. I began removing Saige’s wig first and that thing was glued on excruciatingly well. Several times I had to stop and take a break because I was panicking that I was just ruining her wig. My poor husband comforted me that worst case scenario, I could send her to the doll hospital. I used his multi-sized screw driver and a spoon and my fingers and spent probably 45 minutes working that blasted wig off.

Then I realized I still had to take #55’s wig off. I took a break. Took a breather. But if I stopped now I’d have a bald doll, and I was so excited to have Tinuviel and Delaney that I couldn’t wait. So I set in on #55’s wig and fortunately it was SO much easier to remove. Maybe because she’s not as old a doll, or because they don’t glue on “TrulyMe” wigs as much, who knows.

Gluing was an entirely new stress. I used wood glue as I’ve done with other doll wigs. I wound up getting some glue in Tinuviel’s wig but I think I’ll be able to pick it out.

Then I stopped and looked at the dolls as they were drying. And panicked. What had I done?  The doll that had been Tinuviel for two years now was another doll entirely, and maybe I didn’t like Tinuviel with green eyes even if it was how she was in the story. Why had I done this? So stupid. Not to mention that I utterly wrecked my hands working on the removal. I’m not quite sure what did it, but large gouges are missing from my fingers. It was brutal. I blame the stress of the whole thing for why I took no pictures of #55 in her short life, or any photos during the terrible rewigging process.

But finally, once I got them all dressed, and I could take their hair out of the buns and really look at them, and add Evelyn to see them all in a row…

IMG_0296They are perfect. They are so perfectly what i wanted. Yes, #55 is a GORGEOUS doll and I only briefly had a #55, but each of these dolls looks so perfectly how I envisioned the characters as little girls. Evelyn’s hair in the story is a strawberry blonde, but the doll is so perfect that I’m waffling about whether I want to rewig MG someday or just change her in the story because the doll so perfectly encapsulates her.

IMG_0307Tinuviel Nahara now has the dark green eyes and daintier features I’d always envisioned her with. I’m also beside myself with glee at the new outfit I made her, but that’s for another post. I realize her hair doesn’t look that red here, and the eyes are so dark they look nearly brown at times, but it’s all just perfect. She looks like a mischievous little princess, doesn’t she?! Stubborn, impulsive, but deeply devoted and guided by compassion and a sense of justice and so incredibly gifted when it comes to… oh you know, planning things like a revolution. 🙂

IMG_0305Delaney Hawke now has the blue eyes and round face she’s written with. She’s a total sweetheart, and a healer, and kind and trusting to a fault. She’s the youngest of four and takes care of everyone around her and is ravenously interested in plants (I have been learning so much about plants, writing her!) It’s amusing to me that even though that’s a face I’ve been looking at for two years now, she still feels like a brand new doll.

IMG_0319And finally Evelyn MacTir, also the youngest of four, and destined to be a tragic queen, I’m afraid! Light eyes, heart-shaped face, delicate features. Even the pincurls are perfect for her culturally. She’s the youngest of a wannabe-noble family. Obedient, eager to please, but with an unshakable moral compass that sometimes steers her into rebelliousness for the right cause. Shy, proper, but also no-nonsense when it comes down to it. An artist. And, eventually, a very good little queen.

I’m so happy. It thrills me to have doll-versions of these characters I’ve now written about 1400 word pages about. We’ll see if Ondine ends up feeling like a character who needs a doll of her own. But for right now, I’m so happy. It’s nerdy. I’m a nerd. I don’t care. 🙂

Get it, girls. You’re going to grow up to be awesome, complicated, heroic leading ladies who change the world.


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