Weird Introductions…

So… a lot of doll stuff happening lately, and while I could probably get several blog posts out of this, it turns out I did a poor job of photographing, and it’s kind of confusing and… well, let’s just dive into it.

I’ve been doing some reorganizing of my dolls. And I got some new dolls. And it’s going to mean some disconnect with tags and such on here, and at first I rebelled pretty hard at the idea of changing any of my dolls because they are who they are. But my collecting style has changed, and when it came down to it, I decided this was what I wanted. And one of my favorite, absolute favorite things about my dolls is that I can do whatever I want. How often can you say that about anything in your life? It’s going to take me a bit of time to adapt my collection in this different direction, but I’m excited about it.

So here are the big changes, just in a list format:

  • Former Cordelia (MG) is no longer Cordelia. She is now Evelyn, a character from a fantasy story I’ve been writing.
  • Tinuviel got a face lift
  • I bought #55 and instantly face lifted her as well
  • I also bought Caroline, but instead of staying Caroline… I’m still thinking. Right now she took over as Cordelia, my Nantucket 1880s doll. There’s a chance she’ll become Ondine, another character from the story I’ve been writing… I’m still trying to decide.

I know, I’ll show off the pictures of my new Caroline in this post! And then I’ll show off Tinuviel and #55 and Evelyn in a post of their own. Good idea, self!

Here is my beautiful Caroline/maybe Cordelia/maybe Ondine. I admit that I did not never expect to get Caroline. Blonde, light-eyed, light-skinned classic mold doll… meh. Plus I tend to find that while occasionally I’ll see a Caroline that is stunning, often I find their wigs look too… wiggy. I know that’s strange.

But I also know that due to her curly hair, finding Caroline’s on the second hand market might be a nightmare. So I bought her now that she’s retiring with the intention of keeping her in the closet. That intention lasted until I got home and then promptly removed her from the box.


She’s stunning. Her hair is curlier and so much prettier than I expected. Her face is so tubby! She is a beautiful doll. I still find i am inherently less drawn to blonde dolls but I’m glad I got her, and will continue to watch her for a while to see how I”m feeling about her. Right now she’s dressed in Cordelia clothing, and I’m thinking of her as Cordelia, and I’ll give it some time and see how I feel about it. Maybe as Ondine comes to life more in my story, I’ll want her to be Ondine. Or maybe I’ll eventually decide she’s just going to stay as Caroline. I don’t know. It’s kind of nice to have a doll that I”m not in a rush to name yet though.


I admit that one thing I’m torn on for Cordelia is that I really had liked the MG mold for her, but don’t want another MG mold right now. It would also break my heart to just have no one wearing these beautiful 1880s dresses I’ve made. So… I dunno. But I also really love Caroline’s sea green eyes for my Cordelia story, and her hair is better suited to the styles than MG’s pincurls I refused to remove.  I’ve thought about getting another MG doll down the road for Cordelia, or making Vivienne an 1880s doll, but for right now this feels right. So we’ll see but for now I’ll probably be referring to my Caroline as Cordelia and see if that feels right once I get used to it! She’s still the doll apart, but that’s ok! No rush.



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