Dusty Rose Dress for Vivienne

Long time no see, blog! I took a bit of a break for work and writing, but on a whim decided to finish a dress yesterday that I’d started back in the winter. And of course one thing led to another and today I cut out pattern pieces for like 5 new outfits and MAY have ordered fabric for an entire redesign of Peter… but more on that later.

For now, here are some crappy photos of Vivienne’s new dress. I made this using Thimbles & Acorns Wrap-Front Regency Dress which I’ve attempted to make before with not great results. It came out a bit better this time though! At least wearable!


I had the same issue with the sleeves as last time, although this time I caught it early enough to sew in a panel on each sleeve. However, because I had cut the pieces out months ago and apparently used up all the fabric then, I had to use a different fabric for the panel, but I suppose it’s sort of fashiony looking.


I made the ties this time, which was a first, and they turned out all right. Instead of a ruffle though I used lace. The lace is nice but I admit I was really proud of the ruffle last time even if they’re a pain in the bohiney to make.


The shape came out much better this time, less boxy, though I’ll admit I haven’t the faintest clue what I did differently.

I used fancy embroidery to hem it, and the lace wraps around the arms are only tied on (to hold the long sleeves up) so if I decide I don’t like them it’s no problem to remove and replace. For now though, I think it’s nice, and I was right to assume that dusty rose color would look gorgeous on Vivienne.The little green accents really pick up her eyes!



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