Merry Christmas!

I am now accumulating enough stuff, after several years of collecting, to really deck the halls of the dollhouse! I focused on the parlor and kitchen and could ALMOST fit everyone in the two rooms. They’re quite cozy and crowded, but that’s how the holidays should be! I’m doing these this year instead of a doll line up photo because it’s so festive YAY.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house…


Everyone was stirring! Would like to point out Meatloaf the bulldog staring at that teddy bear like he thinks it’s a toy for him. This is EXACTLY how my puppy stares at Meatloaf…IMG_9756

All the 20th and 21st century kids gathered round the tree in the kitchen.IMG_9761IMG_9762

(SIDE NOTE: look at that cupboard!! That was my one present to myself with my Christmas bonus and I love it!!!)IMG_9763

Then we get out of the cozy warm lighting of the kitchen because I don’t have good lighting in the parlor 😦 Maybe that’ll be my goal for next year!IMG_9770

18th and 19th century ladies celebrating in the parlor!IMG_9772

Kirsten warming her little socked toes by the fire!IMG_9773

I think Vivienne is telling a funny Christmas story, maybe? IMG_9774

I had planned on knitting enough stockings for everyone to have one. I started at Thanksgiving. Can you BELIEVE I didn’t finish? (I think I made 5?)IMG_9775 IMG_9776

OK full disclosure, I failed to make Cordelia’s Christmas dress because I”m awful, so she had to just wear a non-Christmas-y fancy dress while listening to Josefina and Ellen sing carols.IMG_9784

Tinuviel and Kaya chilling in the cabin. I know Kaya is technically 18th century but she and Tinuviel are besties and wanted to celebrate with their horses, wolves, and halla.IMG_9788Cozy by the fireplace.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a hopefully not miserable January! 🙂


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