Kirsten’s St. Lucia Wreath

For Christmas, my mom surprised me with Kirsten’s St. Lucia wreath! While visiting back in July, we were looking at a children’s book about Christmas customs around the world she has, and there’s a photo of a little Swedish girl in a St. Lucia outfit, complete with wreath. I’d explained to her that while I have Kirsten’s outfit, I don’t have the wreath because it’s very expensive to find on eBay, even in not-great condition.

A random email in November from Mom told me not to buy or make a wreath, so I’d assumed she’d made one for me. But lo and behold, she actually found one in eBay! For a VERY reasonable amount, new in Pleasant Company maroon box, even with the pamphlet!

Here’s Kirsten all decked out for the holidays. Next year I’ll try to hunt down her tray!

IMG_9813It really does complete the outfit, and is very solid and cute for a child’s toy. Still, I can see why all those little candles might go missing in the hands of a child. But how precious and festive does Kirsten look!

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