Newest addition to the family

Husband outdid himself this year. Well, I say that after he’s already set a high bar for himself, as this is the husband who other years has found me retired Kaya outfits, a handmade wolf for Kaya, and surprised me last minute with Vivienne last year. And look at this year!!


I had mentioned to him before that Kanani is sort of the holy grail of dolls, because if you missed her she’s DIFFICULT to find in good condition on eBay. He’d been super “meh” about her because he lived in Hawaii for two summers and because she tends to photograph lighter than she is, he’d dismissed her as white-washed. But after actually seeing good photos of her and her darker skin, he decided to tackle the hunt as a surprise for me!

We did look at a couple Kanani’s on eBay together so I could point out to him how to tell if one was in good shape or not, and I had explained sending a bad one into the doll hospital if he found a good deal on a messed up one, but we’ve done this with rare things before and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. And because she is so expensive usually, I’d warned him over and over that I was NOT expecting her, that there were plenty of other things on my Christmas so I’d be happy with, so he didn’t need to desperately spend a lot of money trying to find one.


The box arrived that was my present, and it didn’t look like a doll box, and I thought it must not be her (while secretly holding out hope). Frank was SO anxious for me to open the present for the weeks leading up to Christmas, but I stayed strong.

And on Christmas morning opened my adorable little chipmunk Kanani! Plus more! I’ve only photographed her, but Frank actually also got me her bathing suit, board shorts, life vest, paddle board and paddle, jeans and flipflops, meet outfit, purple necklace, lei, first book, and hair clip, plus a homemade dress came with her that’s very well made.


Frank is emphatic that I “not erase her Hawaiian” and insists I keep her strictly Hawaiian. I’m kind of going crazy with having my very first modern doll though, so I did finally cave to keeping her Kanani with the caveat that she spends some time each year in Boston or New York. Maybe divorced parents or visiting her cousin or something. This way I could order her the polar bear pajamas and red ski vest outfit that are two of my favorite outfits AG has ever made but definitely don’t fit in Hawaii. (They are on their way…. 😉 )

He also had fun reading the book over my shoulder and pointing out things he knows, confirming or denying details, etc. It’s been a fun little bonding experience, and now Hawaii is on the list of places we’ll potentially go for our yearly trip… we’ll see.

In the meantime HOW CUTE IS SHE?! I do need to wash her hair, but it’s in great condition, just a bit gunky. And I just happened to have the Christmas set on hand JUST IN CASE so she even had a festive outfit to immediately change into.


I love her.


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