Vivienne’s Christmas Gown

I set myself a goal to make three new Christmas dresses this month. Aaaaaand managed to make two. Plus a couple other outfits, as you’ve seen from photos. Not bad for a crazy holiday season! But probably my favorite one of all that I’ve made recently is Vivienne’s Christmas gown.

Originally I wanted gold for her, knowing it would look gorgeous against her skin and eyes, but finding a gold fabric I liked proved harder than anticipated. Then I stumbled upon this beautiful green and gold fabric and it was a match made in heaven.

The pattern is Thimbles & Acorns 1770s Sacque Back Gown. I knew from the photo it’d be a gorgeous dress and just hoped it wouldn’t prove too difficult to make. It’s definitely one of the more complicated patterns I’ve sewn, but since it was for Vivienne’s Christmas gown (I take these outfits seriously!) I forced myself to go slowly, undo mistakes, not cut corners. And the end result is a gown I am thoroughly pleased with.


I actually made a second stomacher, just haven’t sewn the snaps on yet, and I’ll probably make even another one. They’re quite fun to make for swapsies. 🙂


My only ultimate criticism of the dress is that I had to use what ties I had on-hand for the skirt –which was satin ribbon and is WAY too slippery for ties. So right now the skirt is actually pinned to Vivienne (poor girl!) I’ll probably just sew snaps on next year, but it’s complete enough to get through the Christmas season! I think I also may end up adjusting the snaps so they sit a bit lower on the stomacher… but whatever, good for now, live and learn, happy holidays.


Trying to show off the ruffles and pleats above. Actually quite an intricate dress! And this is a good shot of the sleeves which disappointingly don’t show all that well from the front.


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