Cordelia’s Autumn Dress

In typical me fashion, I finish a dress for a doll just as it’s not longer time for her to wear it. At this point I’d be better off just procrastinating until it was right before time for her to wear it, then sew it.

I once again used Thimbles & Acorns’ 1870s bustle dress pattern. I’d actually cut these pieces out a while ago and had them lying around waiting to be stitched together. And then my puppy somehow got hold of them and chewed up several pieces. And to top it off, I cannot for the life of me find the digital copy of the pattern, or even the purchase record. Fortunately I’ve been able to recraft the destroyed pieces enough on my own, but I may eventually have to rebuy. Grrrrr puppies.

Anyway, I had a scrap of this fabric but I can’t remember where it ever came from… Maybe a fabric swap? Anyway, it was enough to make a jacket but not a skirt, so I planned to make a purple skirt to go with it using the same broadcloth I’d used on Vivienne’s tea dress … which I just went to tag and realized I never photographed? WELL that’s more I’ll photograph tomorrow then…

I made the purple skirt, liked the way it came out, but it didn’t match the jacket at all. So I decided that instead of one complete outfit, i’d made two halves. And fortunately, because I have hoarded fabric like a neurotic little chipmunk preparing for winter, I randomly had fabric to compliment both. So purple skirt will show up later, but for now, here’s Cordelia’s autumn dress!


Unfortunately, it doesn’t photograph quite so well for some reason. It’s actually really cute in person, though it definitely needs the bustle (which I have a pattern for and is on my list of things to make soon!) The skirt fabric is a woven cloth that drapes, so it needs the support.



Full disclosure, one reason I keep making this pattern is because I can’t handle how cute the jacket is. The photo above makes Cordelia look like she has so much sass!


So, again, quite happy with how this turned out. Even the zigzag stitch I used to attach the green ribbon makes it a bit fun and unusual and distinct from her other dress using this pattern. It’s less lacy, a little more sophisticated and grown up.


And a closing shot because for 5 minutes, my apartment got quality light to take good doll photos in. Huzzah!

Thank goodness I finished this autumn dress in the last week of autumn…


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