Ivy’s Christmas Dress

I have been sewing an ABSURD amount the past few days. Finally using personal and sick days from work (since they’ll expire at the end of the year if I don’t) combined with a weirdly focused crafting bug means in the past 3 days I have plowed through FIVE outfits. FIVE. And since I sew for historic dolls only so far, that’s no mean feat!

Here is the first I’ll show off: Miss Ivy Ling’s Christmas dress! Though I know many use Ivy’s Chinese New Years dress at Christmas, I just can’t find it in myself to shoehorn that in to an incorrect holiday, since Chinese New Year will be in February in 2015.

But I saw this pattern from Eden Ava Couture long before I even got Ivy actually and fell in love. So as soon as I realized Ivy needed a Christmas dress, I went right to it.

My hunt for fabric led me to fabric.com on a late, rainy night. I searched for basically the tackiest Christmas shiny fabric I could find. I also purchased a green woven print with metallic gold stars that I’d thought might work (you may have seen both in earlier pictures) but seeing the plaid in person, I knew it was the one.


The skirt itself was easy to make though fits VERY snugly on Ivy’s boheiny. I like the waistband in front, elastic in back combination though.

For the top, I was SO glad the pattern suggested sewing the lace pieces to the liner. Doing so made the whole thing much easier to construct, and just from making the sheer sleeves I could understand what a mess it would have been to try to make it separately. It also came out a bit snug. I definitely wasn’t using large seam allowances. Is my Ivy just a bit tubby?


Conveniently enough, my sewing machine had the hardest time sewing the lace. The tension just got all out of whack, and basically would gather ever seam, which was perfect for making the lace trim at the neckline and wrists.


Michael’s didn’t have plain black velvet ribbon when I looked, but I like the glittery black ribbon just fine. Ivy still needs a little cameo for her neck, but Michael’s didn’t have quite what I wanted so I decided I’ll wait it out until I find the perfect little one.

In the meantime, Ivy is dressed early for the holidays, and I’m so happy with the result that she’s just going to be decked out a week longer than anyone else because I’m not about to take this off. How great does it look with her hair color?

IMG_9696And also, did I ever mention that my Ivy has a beauty mark? She’s totally going for a Marilyn Monroe look 😉 You can barely see it in the picture above, by her left cheek.


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