Christmas Fabric!

It occurred to me the other day that three of my girls don’t have Christmas dresses! TRAVESTY. Especially with the holiday season approaching. To remedy this, I quickly scoured the internet for inspiration, fabric, and patterns for dresses for Ivy, Vivienne, and Cordelia.

For Ivy, I have loved Eden Ava Couture’s Maxi Dress pattern since I first saw it. Easy selection!

For Vivienne, I decided I wanted something gold, similar to these two dresses:

But when I actually looked for gold fabric, I couldn’t find exactly what i wanted. Instead I found a gorgeous gold and green fabric that I think will make Vivienne’s eyes just glow.

And for Cordelia, I wanted something like this:

Portrait of a Young Girl Holding a Doll by Emil Brack

And so I placed my order at after spending hours perusing fabrics online. And so I waited when it took 6-7 business days for my order to ship. And now, at last, fabric has arrived!! (Conveniently right before I leave town for a few days but STILL.)


L-R is burgandy velveteen and cotton broadcloth for Cordelia’s dress (it’s way more Santa red than anticipated so I’m a bit disappointed but hopefully will look good?), starry green fabric I thought about for Ivy’s dress but will find some other use for (SORAH SOMEDAY??), metallic cotton and hunter green satin for Vivienne’s dress, and an embroidered ridiculous plaid and ivory lace for Ivy’s outfit.

I also ordered a TON of new patterns through Pixie-Faire because I needed a pick me up today. BRING ON THE SEWING. I am probably set with patterns at least, though I’ll need more fabric eventually, at least through December. 🙂 If only I weren’t about to be gone to Vegas for 5 days (but yay vacation?!)


2 thoughts on “Christmas Fabric!

    • Jessa says:

      Thanks! I really love the feeling of having like 3-5 planned projects that I can plow through. If only I had a free weekend to do it this weekend!:)

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