Peter’s Autumn Sweater Outfit

Look, Tinuviel and Cordelia can’t have all the wardrobe fun. And the fact of the matter is that poor Peter continues to be neglected. I need to sit down and actually put effort into solidifying who he is. Do I even still want to keep him as 1930s/40s like I originally planned? Or have him be a total Dr.Whovian time traveler like I’d planned before that? Who knows. But the boy needs clothes that decently fit the mid-20th century vibe I’ve been looking for him. But learning to make boys clothes is being a totally different journey.


So I decided to spend some research dollars and get a ready-made boy outfit from etsy, since it looked high quality but affordable and I no doubt could study it to learn much.


This beautiful outfit comes from etsy seller QTPiedDollClothing. And I have to say, the quality of the outfit is EVEN better than I expected. The seller has tons of really, really adorable modern clothing for both boy and girl dolls, and now that I know how quality her clothing is, it’s likely I’ll grab another item once Sorah finds her way here.


This particular outfit for Peter included brown trousers, a sort of art-deco-y shirt, and a beautiful v-neck sweater. The sweater was what really sold the outfit to me, but once I could see hte back pocket flaps on the pants and the wrist snaps with buttons on the shirt, I’m sold on the whole thing.


And look how charming he looks with his brown loafers on!


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