Tinuviel’s Winter Ballgown

The problem with clothing for Tinu is that it is inevitably made of the WORST fabrics to sew with, because for her I favor really light, shiny fabrics, and really jewely knits that fray just when you look at them funny. Yet despite knowing this, it didn’t prevent me from embarking on a fancy-pants ballgown for her using fabric I’d purchaesd originally for a cape lining. Meaning I went from a realistic expectation of just using this fabric for a very simple pattern to have to make tons of gathers –sleeves, skirt, etc.IMG_9615

You will notice I don’t take any super close-up photos of the dress, because if you look too closely it’s fully of flaws. But taken in all together, it’s not so bad. I used Carpatina’s Tudor dress pattern, which is a lovely pattern and one I’ll no doubt use again with more accommodating fabric.

IMG_9614The sleeves are lined in a way that hides all visible seams, which I love since proportionally sleeve seams are giant on dolly clothes. The bodice inset is supposed to be diamond shaped at the bottom, but I could not get it to come to a point with fabric, and I also couldn’t keep ripping out seams to try again since it was so quick to fray, so ultimately I settled for bunching it a bit. It gives the skirt a very stiff, foofy quality that I actually like for this dress.IMG_9622

I found a simple silver chain to create the belt with. Eventually I’ll track down a jewel to clip to the end of the belt to give it a bit more oomph, but for noew I think it suits just fine and doesn’t detract or overwhelm, since the fabric itself is so busy.


I also need to get Tinuviel some silver boots (she’s just wearing her brown play boots for right now! 😡 ) and I think I also am going to make her a pretty silver masquerade mask. It makes sense to me that this ornate gown for a luxurious ball would have a masuerade element to it.


And finally, the hat. I didn’t gussy it up anymore than the fabric itself. Ultimately, once I make the mask I’ll be able to use some elements for that to decorate the hat. But also for right it’s completely reversible until I decide which side I prefer.

Not my favorite thing I’ve ever made, but I’ll give it until February when she actually wears it before I decide whether I ultimately keep it in her wardrobe rotation, since I’ve discovered I typically don’t like most of the things I make right when I finish them.


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