Tinuviel’s School Dress

Here’s a dress I made some time ago but only finished this month, in time for Tinuviel to wear it alongside everyone else’s school clothes.


The dress itself is made using Josefina’s Christmas dress with the sleeves unclasped so as to make them fan out a bit. I think I kind of just made the skirt up? Though to be honest, I made this so many months ago I don’t 100% remember, so maybe I used a skirt piece from another pattern? This is why I should blog soon after making something…


The dress itself is so precious, and looks just like the sort of thing her parents would let her romp around in the autumn forest in between tutor lessons. Of course, if she’s out running around she’d need some sort of pinafore or overdress to add a tiny bit of warmth and protect the dress form burs.


So then I created the overdress, which is a backwards bodice and skirt that I kind of tweaked along the way, originally from Carpatina’s Renaissance dress. It fit a little snuggly in the beginning, but once I found the perfect clasps, that gave it the bit of fit it needed, and I loved the bronze color with these autumnal shades.

IMG_9630I’m absolutely thrilled with the way this came out. Eventually I may go back with a bronze thread and add decorate stitching to all the edging of the overdress, but for this year Tinuviel has been enjoying her completed school dress in its current form.



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