Cordelia’s White Linen Dress

On the one hand I feel bad because Cordelia has gotten the least amount of attention from me. I haven’t had the chance to write her story down, and her wardrobe is growing very slowly because I have to make everything. Writing the story in detail is so great for getting a feel for the doll, but finding the motivation to spend MORE time on the computer after work is tough.

And yet despite this, I find that the outfits I make for her tend to be my absolute favorites.

I’ve noticed a lot of the summer dresses girls wore back then on Nantucket were white –I can understand why, too, when you have SO many layers on. So I wanted to make Cordelia a nice white dress she could wear to a fancy lunch at the hotel downtown. I had expected just to use white linen but instead found this nice silky striped fabric at JoAnn’s. I wanted to make a dress reminiscent of these:

I can’t find the source for this other than pinterest

And here’s where I ended up! IMG_9449

I used Thimble&Acorn’s “Mary and Laura” pattern again (used it first here), since it’s such a fantastic pattern to sew with. I keep meaning to alter it a bit so it’s only the top dress with no underskirt, but then wind up not doing that for no real reason. I kind of wish I had for this dress, but too late!


Unlike that pattern, I didn’t sew a ruffle on the overdress, and the necklace is actually a standalone necklace, not sewn into the dress itself. I was super proud of myself for adding the placket. 🙂

IMG_9453The overdress is sitting funny in the above picture, but it’s really just lovely in person. These at-night photos (I’m never home during the day anymore!) just don’t quite do the dress justice.

The second SUPER exciting thing is that I’ve started playing around with my sewing machine’s fancy stitches, and it occurred to me I could make a pretty cute little handkerchief for her that would actually look like a little girl had embroidered it, if I wasn’t too careful around the corners.

IMG_9455It was so fun to make, that I went back and made a handkerchief for her blue rose dress as well:


They were so fun to make, I guess all the girls are getting handkerchiefs for Christmas!

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