Nellie’s Pink Playdress

I’ve set a goal for myself to make as many of the book outfits as I can, both for funsies and as an exercise in pattern creation. Of course, I’m also terrified about starting to draft my own patterns, so have not gotten around to going completely rogue yet. But I did decide to start simple and make the pink dress Nellie wears in Meet Samantha when she’s about to get sent to downtown to work in the factory.

nelliepink2SUPER simple! The hardest part was actually just finding a fabric I thought could match well enough. I actually used Samantha’s nightgown pattern, though hacked a bunch off the bottom, and stuck Addy’s Meet boots on Nellie’s feet (I really need to get some good black boots for her of her own.)


Tada! I’m thrilled with how it turned out, even as basic as it is.


I definitely need to get the Lydia doll for her and OF COURSE make that beautiful blue dress Samantha is wearing.

Here they are hanging out in Samantha’s bedroom in the dollhouse. The pinafore is from Sam’s play outfit and it just unbearably cute over the pink dress.



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