Emily’s Ruffle Play Dress

Whew, a whole MONTH has gone by since I’ve had time to update. I’d been traveling constantly for work only to finally make it home and… my laptop breaks. And then th replacement laptop breaks. And then we got a puppy. And also my work hours have not gone down. So needless to say, finding doll time has been tough, although my friend and I did find time to swing by AG to check out BeForever. BUT that’s another post.

For this one, I wanted to show off the second dress I’ve made from MayaandKay’s 1940s 2-dress pattern on etsy. You can see the first one, a summer party dress I made for Molly, here.

I actually hadn’t intended to make another dress for Emily, though her wardrobe IS a bit small, but this fabric jumped out at me at JoAnn’s and I knew I could put it to use. Using these patterns the second time around was much easier.

IMG_9429Although I did still somehow manage to miss the step where you attach the collar. Fortunately it wasn’t TOO hard to go back and rip out my stitches, though working around the collar with the ruffles and bodice seams all creeping up on each other was some tight sewing!


You can also see the skirt is actually 1 million pieces exactly sewn together, which was a pain but does give it a nice stiffness.

IMG_9423The buttons are absolutely perfect. The pattern calls for a belt around the center, but I wasn’t satisfied with the look of a ribbon and decided just to leave it open. Too much going on and it butted up to the buttons!

All in all, I’m quite pleased. I think the blue looks fantastic with her eyes. Actually maybe I’ll use this as a replacement Meet Dress for her since I really disliked that red-and-blue monstrosity.


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