Review: Fireplace

Continuing my pace of reviewing things far after I’ve gotten them, ha. A while ago I got this fireplace for the dollhouse! I knew I wanted one and had grand plans of building my own, but ultimately found a great deal and realized I’d end up sinking way more money into stubbornly trying to make my own.

After much ebay and etsy scouring, I settled on this wooden fireplace from dwcp on etsy. I was a little nervous about whether it’d be what I wanted size-wise, but once it arrived I loved it! It fits just right in the space for it, I’ll be able to decorate the mantle, there’s enough of a lip to put a fire grate on eventually, and though it’s a bit small scale, it doesn’t take up the entire parlor like a true-scale fireplace would.



The finish is beautiful. It’s just the right level of ornateness for the parlor. I don’t have a fire in it right now (duh, it’s summer) but guys, this will look SO STINKING CUTE at Christmas. (Yes there’s a lamb in the parlor, let’s not talk about it.)

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