Parlor in Progress

I’ve been reorganizing the dollhouse and don’t think I’ve posted any pictures recently. I’ve been trying to figure out the spaces better though,so that someday when I have time again I can get back to work on the little embellishments. I decided that Samantha didn’t need a WHOLE room to herself, and that really Kit didn’t either since she has an attic room, but that common spaces should be a bit more time-period agnostic.

So here’s the rearranged 19th-century parlor:


Felicity’s Windsor chair won’t always be there, but I refuse to get rid of the chair, even though I don’t have a dedicated Felicity space. SOMEDAY I’ll have my doll room and everyone will get their own spaces, but for now I’ll have to accept the conflicting wood grains and hodge-podge eras.



The cramped space feels ok for Kit, actually, and she DOES get a share of the kitchen (which was stripped down while I was taking photos, because it was a fake beach).


The picture frames on the floor are pictures of Sam’s parents and a painting her mom did of their cabin. I need to figure out how to hang these in her room. And make windows for all the rooms. So much crafty stuff to do and no time!

Josefina’s space hasn’t changed. Tinuviel’s bed and cabin are just on the floor next to my desk…

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