Molly’s Party Dress

Molly’s apron dress is adorable, and I love it and want to put dolls in apron dresses all the time. But it’s sleeveless and technically her birthday dress so she needed another ruffled dress for other sorts of parties. And let’s be real, she looks so pretty in red! So I wanted to make her a ruffled party dress with red fabric and found just the right pattern: this 1940s 2-dress pattern from MayandKaye! I was a little worried about fit, though I think it’s just because  of the length of 1940s dresses on dolls, and because I thought the non-puffy sleeves looked. But after making the dresses, my fears were assuaged!



I also may not have ever sewn with rickrack before? But the bodice is weirdly satisfying to put together with the ruffles, and with this particular dress from the pattern (Dress A), it’s SO NEAT to not have to make a separate skirt.


These photos aren’t the best (you can tell my heart wasn’t in it, ha) but how cute and patriotic does she look?!



The only thing I’d do differently is that my little white body Molly is SUCH a chubs, and I did not really measure the pattern to accomodate that. So the dress does close, but it definitely is a bit of a tight fit around the arms and upper back. I need to remember to measure when I’m sewing for my chubby girls.

So LOVE the result, already working on Dress B from this pattern for Emily (with a pretty periwinkle fabric!)

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