Emily’s Picnic Dress

I’ve been wanting to make a checkered dress for Emily for a while. I actually want to make her this adorable ruffled dress from KeepersDollyDudes on flickr because it’s the cutest thing ever. When I went to buy the fabric though I wound up buying yellow instead of red, and then wound up making a completely different dress because I have a short attention span.

I wound up sewing this 1940s dress pattern from bunneybearpatterns. It turned out really stinking cute, although the neckline is higher than I like, so next time I sew with it (and I will, I’ll make a version for Molly!) I’ll just need to be aware about making it lower.


It also turns out the fabric was SO THIN and I didn’t notice when I bought it. The bodice is lined but Miss Emily is just going to need a slip to wear underneath. This has happened to me a couple times buying fabric; I need to just get better about actually looking.


I actually made this back in early July? But only now have had time to photograph and post! Pattern was pretty easy to follow and the sleeves are precious.


NOT sure how I feel about the pink buttons… I’d originally planned white bows but didn’t have any on hand so put the pink buttons… may change down the road.


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