Peter’s Checkered Shirt

One thing I see in 1940s photos a lot are little boys in overalls with checkered shirts! Such as this Dutch photo (don’t know where it comes from, I just recognize the language)

Ultimately I want to make some overalls for Peter, but until I find a pattern (I have a stash of denim just waiting), I wanted to go ahead and show off the shirt I made anyway. Because it’s probably one of the actually nicer things I’ve ever made.


The heavier fabric is a DREAM to sew with, and having already used this Liberty Jane pattern before, I knew what to expect in terms of construction. The one criticism I have is that the buttons ended up on the inside of his wrists since I sewed them over the gap. It looks weird; next time I’ll need to fake them being on the outside.


Did I mention I found him little brown loafers??



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