Cordelia’s Rose Dress

Let me preface this by saying this is one of my favorite things I’ve ever made, and it turned out basically exactly how I pictured it in my head.

I’ve been contemplating changing Cordelia’s time period lately, because she’s only had the one outfit and I’ve been frustrated trying to decide what next to do with her wardrobe. But first steps first, I decided to start making it, and got the goods to make three new dresses for her. This is the first one, using Thimbles&Acorn’s “Mary and Laura” pattern. It’s also inspired a bit by these dresses:


This dress wound up being much easier to construct than Cordelia’s first dress, and I finished it in a single day! Crazy! Her wardrobe is going to be very blue and green heavy because of her connection to the ocean, and I fell in love with this color of fabric, especially paired with white, at JoAnn’s.


The lace was another find at JoAnn’s that i just knew instantly was right. The buttons I debated on but ultimately went with the white roses, and I’d known from the moment I saw the fabric i wanted the long panel style design. I think when I use this pattern again I’ll experiment with pleats and/or no ruffle, but the ruffles suit the lace, I think.


I haven’t made her little hanky yet to go in the pocket! I’m a bad doll owner. Oops!


Right now I have her in the living room where I can just look over and see her. It’s not often that I just adore something i make, and it’s not that the dress is perfect by any means but still.


So Cordelia will stay 1880s, at least for now, if only because I LOVE her limited wardrobe.

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