Nellie’s Green Dress

The fact is that Nellie is sorely lacking in clothing. I haven’t been collecting for her as long, and got her when I’d had to decimate my doll budget, so while she came to me as a present with her meet dress, PJs, and tea gown, I’ve only since added her winter coat. She also “inherited” a tea dress from Samantha, and you may have also seen her in a black music dress I made for Samantha when I was a little girl.

So it was kinda super nostalgic to pull out that same old package of Samantha’s American Girl patterns, already cut and crinkled from my childhood, to make Nellie a new dress.


The result is something still pretty simple compared to most of the fashions of the time, and in retrospect I wished I’d tried a fancier pattern, but I’m being weirdly choosy about what pattern set to buy on etsy. I tend to think patterns for that time period are either way too simple or waaaaay too advanced.

So here it is for now: Samantha’s birthday dress but for Nellie.



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