Tinuviel’s Summer Linen Dress

So, I wanted to give the Carpatina Medieval pattern another go (I used it for her court dress as well) because I’m trying to get better at appreciating simpler gowns. It also was a fun opportunity for me to start playing with the specialty stitches on my new machine.



The thing I do like about it is: the fabric is so lovely and airy. The silver thread embroidery is great. And with the light fabric and billowy sleeves, it makes some amount of sense as a child’s summer playdress.


The thing I don’t like about it: the neckline! I’m somehow completely forgot that when I made the green dress, I was dissatisfied with how high the neckline is. Not that it needs to be uber low for a child, but it looks borderline strangle-y. But to change it would require totally reconstructing the collar because of the facing –and don’t forget it’s got the fancy embroidery thread.


So I may just have to live with it. I tried out this bow and accessories for now just because they were handy, but I’ll continue to experiment. Maybe if I eventually get a silver decal I could sew that on the chest, but then it looses the simplicity… Hm.


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