June Family Photo



Another month, another full-doll change. June is a tricky month here in Boston, because we’re in one of the most fluctuating months. The mornings and evenings are cool, the nights are often cold, the daytime can get uncomfortable hot, and it rains pretty much ALL the time. So how do you find the “theme” for the dolls for the month?

So I went for a variety of playful outfits, some summery, some a bit cooler. I realize it may be useful to do outfit roundups, so here goes.

Cordelia –wearing the only outfit I’ve made for her, poor girl. Sorry, Delia!

Addy –wearing her pink plaid summer outfit. This is one of my favorite outfits for her (even though it’s pink!) and I’m getting so much better at styling her hair.

Josefina – vest dress. This is one of my favorite outfits for her, as well. The bright reds and yellows are incredible with her skin, and the vest gives it such a beautiful Southwestern vibe.

Vivienne –Caroline’s birthday dress. The light blues and whites are perfect for her Georgian time period, and it’s the one Caroline dress I wanted the second I saw it. Though I do with the embroidery were real instead of stamped.

Ellen –Cecile’s summer dress. I like this outfit more than I expected too. So cheerful! It was an engagement present from one of my doll friends. Ellen’s bonnet needs some shaping work though!

Kaya –blue powwow dress. I love Kaya’s outfits, and this is probably one of my top three. Kaya looks great in color!

Samantha –her ice cream parlor dress! I made this for her in May but since I don’t have a June outfit for her, she’ll stay in it a bit longer.

Nellie –meet outfit. These poor girls need moar clothes!!

TInuviel –Summer festival gown. Have I done a blog about this yet? If not I need to!

Ivy –One of my two favorite Ivy/Julie dresses.

Emily –“Molly”’s polka dot outfit that I gave to Emily. Even though Molly looks adorable in this, it’s too perfect with Emily’s hair and eyes.

Molly –roller skating outfit! This was one of her later outfits, and I adore it. The placket, the red loafers, the color combo.

Peter –trousers and button-up. Boy needs a vest and hat but yay period appropriate!

Kit –“Ruthie”’s play outfit. Again an outfit assigned to the wrong doll. While I’m sure Ruthie would look charming in this, the periwinkle blue is just great for Kit.

Felicity –town fair outfit with meet mob cap. I don’t have the apron or correct, but even without it I adore this dress! I feel like I need to make her a hat though; she’d wear a hat to the fair, I think!

Kirsten –Kristen’s a birthday girl this month!


Happy June from the crew! (Of 16! Holy cow. What have I become?!)

Bonus dog shot.


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