Oops! Welcoming another new girl…

Let me start this by saying I had no plans to do this really. I’ve stated before that I prefer to not buuy my own dolls, so that then I have some special memory linked with them. BUT then American Girl officially announces that an archive is on and I find I can’t help myself…

Last year about this time, Molly and Emily were announced. My husband dutifully drove me to the store and encouraged me to get Emily, since I’ve expressed concerns about her going away so I’d never get her, considering she’s the closest doll to what I look like.

This year, I’d sworn up and down I had no interest in Julie and Ivy. The 1970s is too modern, I said, their accessories are too pink and plastic. The next three dolls at the top of my list are Sorah (#30), Rebecca, and either #26 or #58. And yet NOT getting the only Asian historical doll left me feeling like I was missing out, especially because I strongly prefer Ivy to Julie. Even Ivy’s haircut has grown on me (though not my husband, as it’s identical to his Korean mom’s haircut).

SO I went to the store with a friend, JUST TO LOOK, but of course I came home with Ivy. And though I had sort of planned on it maybe a little, I had also planned on not keeping her 1970s. But then I thought about how hippie my clothes were when I was younger in the late 90s/early 2000s, how my teachers called me flower child, and I realized (with some heavy coercion from my friend) that yes, Ivy probably did need to stay in the 1970s.

First the bad news. Though we carefully checked every doll’s bangs and eyes before settling on my Ivy, it was difficult to check her hair without taking her out of the box. Though I intended to do that before I drove off, we ate lunch, I forgot. Upon arriving home hours later and finally getting to take her out of the box, this is what I found.



No, the doll is not tilted. Her wig is just that uneven. I spent a few minutes stomping around that I spend $120 on a doll that clearly didn’t even go through the slightest quality assurance. Usually I just accept I have to go back (I had to exchange my Kaya for SUPER wonky eyes) but since I’ll be traveling for work the next two weekends, it’d be a while before I got a chance to go back.

And also, let’s be honest, it’s no fun to have a doll around for several weeks and then take or back OR to buy a brand new doll and then have to tuck her away. So I figured I couldn’t make it worse, grabbed some scissors, and did some trimming.



Tada! MUCH better. It’s definitely short now, but it was short to begin with. And who knows, I may end up rewigging her anyway! Her hair is SO silky though that I’ll definitely keep it for now.

So, between the difficulty getting non-wonky eyes, the hacked hairjob, and the earring issue (my girl came with the clear spacers, but since I got her accessories I’ve already added the jingles), I can see that Ivy’s a bit of a troubled doll. BUT that’s no excuse for selling apparently very poorly; she is cute as a button. I’ll need to get some better pictures of her soon though!

Anyway, I’m in love. I adore the Jess mold as much as I knew I would and, like many dolls before her (Cecile, MG, Emily, Kaya), I have a sneaking suspicion Ivy will end up being one of my favorites even after I was certain for so long I wanted nothing to do with her.




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