Ellen’s School Dress

I got this fabric in a swag from AGPlaythings and had intended to make a dress for Kirsten out of it. When I actually started constructing a dress out of it though I quickly realized it had a more Ellen vibe. I used the same pattern by Dollhouse Designs that I’d used to make Ellen’s Easter dress, except this time with the basque waistline and a simple straight skirt.


Per usual, I had the dress halfway constructed before I started figuring out how I wanted to decorate it. Fortunately I’ve had this black pom trim sitting around for ages, and I also had this mustard colored sash that goes to one of my dresses that I thought accented perfectly.


I handstitched the sash in place to keep it from sliding. I’ve seen sashes like that on fashion plates from the era; this is probably what Marie-Grace’s dress really should have looked like.


This is definitely one of Ellen’s more simply dresses, but I love it! She’s got her crinoline on under it for the volume. I definitely need to make her a bonnet. I wish I had more of that sash!



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