Trip to AG Boston

A friend and I were at American Girl Boston (well, Natick) on Saturday morning. I realized I don’t think I’ve been in the store since Isabelle is released? Or maybe once? My doll budget has been pretty close to nil this year, but I managed to save up some guilt free baby-sitting money to spend on my dolls (this is what all 26-year-olds do, right?) so off we went!

A cash register has been removed from the left side of the downstairs, and now it looks like it’s seasonal –Isabelle is still there, but also tons of Bitty and MyAG summer stuff. The historicals are more or less all otherwise the same. I’m getting more and more excited to see what BeForever is going to bring. There’s no point going into my concerns because in the end they don’t matter; I’ll pick and choose what I like of the reimagined line, and the company will continue on with or without me.

I let rumors and knowledge of retirements fuel my decision making, though I still wound up leaving (per usual) with very different things than I’d intended. I found I couldn’t bring myself to spend $38 on Cecile’s parlor accessories, as much as I want them. I want Kit’s lunch but didn’t feel inclined to buy it, and the Kaya things on my list I decided to leave to husband in the future.

I had budgeted on getting either Ivy or Rebecca’s sideboard. I’ve been eyeing the sideboard for a long time, and have started putting together the parlor in the dollhouse where it’ll go. When it came down to it though, as BEAUTIFUL as it is, it’s $130. $130. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on a piece of furniture, and I figure many a parent has made the same call, which is a shame because it’s beautiful. It’s the exact same reason I didn’t get Rebecca’s chaise lounge for the parlor. I have my limits! (Really, I do.)

Besides, looking at Ivy, I couldn’t help but feel I wanted her. More on her later, of course. But my intention to make her an older time period had never gotten solid footing, and my friend had no difficulty convincing me to keep her 1970s. But girl needs her accessories, and I wanted her Chinese New Years’ dress before it retires without her, and I also wanted a couple outfits to get her through the summer. This will be the last doll stuff I’m able to buy probably until much later this year, definitely after Beforever launch, probably even longer since hubby and I need to save up for a new car. L L L

So I also grabbed my favorite of the 1970s summer outfits, the chevron skirt, and the bathing suit.

Since Caroline’s birthday dress appears to be going away soon, I snagged that for Vivienne. And I finally bought the one Cecile dress I have wanted since the very beginning for Ellen, her parlor dress. I’m not sure why I waited so long!

All in all, a good haul, and I came in $9 under my budget, so pretty sweet!


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